White Onion Bread

White Onion Bread Recipe

A yummy bread that is suitable to any meal
Yield: 2    Preparation Time: 2 hours    Cooking Time: 1 hour
This is great dinner bread that can be served with just about any type of meal.


½ cup chopped onions
1 cup milk, room temperature
1½ tablespoons active dry yeast
3 tablespoons sugar
¾ cup warm water
6 cups bread flour
1½ tablespoons vegetable oil
2 teaspoons salt
½ tablespoon garlic powder (optional)

Recipe Instructions

Make the dough.
Mix together the milk, water, sugar, yeast, oil and salt in a large mixing bowl. Add the garlic and chopped onions then mix in one cup of flour at a time until the dough is stiff. Place the dough on a surface sprinkled with flour and knead for 8 minutes.

Place the dough in a greased bowl and turn it over so that all the dough is greased. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and leave it to stand for 45 minutes in a warm place until it doubles in size. Punch the dough to remove the air and put it on a floured surface and knead again for 5 minutes. Cut the dough in half and mould the dough into 2 bread loaves.

Bake the bread.
Grease 2 bread pans and place the dough inside the pans. Cover the pans and leave them in a warm place for 45 minutes until they double in size. Place in the oven and bake for 1 hour at 350F. Remove from the oven and leave them to cool on a wire rack.

Yields 2 loaves