Ways to Grow Onions

Onions are one of the first few crops of spring, they store easily and they are almost always present in dishes.  It makes onions a popular choice for novice or advance gardeners.

You can grow onions in three ways – from seeds, seedlings or transplants, or from sets.  Growing from sets is more expensive compared with the other two but you can be sure to have great results come harvest time.  It also requires less work and less risk of diseases.

To grow from sets, choose bulbs that are about an inch in diameter.  They are very hardy and mature quickly so expect to harvest soon after planting.

Onions sets are usually sold according to color, one of the most common of which is white onions.  If green onions are your choice, break the sets into half an inch in diameter per set.

It’s best to buy sets at the onset of the growing season.  If you think you won’t be able to plant them soon, store the onion sets in a cool but dry place.

To grow onions from transplants (onions that have been grown for about two months already but has not formed bulbs yet), it’s best to select a variety that is best for the specific region you live in.

For instance, if you live in the southern state, your best choice would be the short-day variety.  If you live in the northern state, select the long-day onion variety.

Your local nursery should be able to give you ideas which onion varieties grow best in your specific area.

To grow onions from seeds, you can sow them directly in your garden, in a greenhouse, hotbeds, or cold frames.

Onions grown from seeds are cheaper, they bolt less and store better, too.  There are also a wider range of onion varieties in seeds compared to sets.