Onions: How to Store Your Crop


You don’t just pull the onions from the ground and stuff them in the fridge. There is a proper way to store these bulbs – or rather, there are several ways to do it.

But before you do, it’s important that you “cure” them first. Curing an onion simply means cutting the tops down to an inch, clipping the roots and allowing them to sit in a shaded but well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight and rain for a few weeks.

After curing you can store the onions several ways: putting them in mesh bags or nylon stockings, in foils, crates, bulk bins and pallet boxes.

The best way to store onions, however, is to put them in a mesh bag or nylon stocking. Get a single stocking and put an onion inside, down to its bottom and tie a knot on the top portion of the stocking. Add another onion on top of the knot you just did and slide another onion inside. Do the same thing until you have reached the top of the stocking.

Hang the stocking in a cool, dry place, ideally with a temperature of 40 degrees.

You can also use foils to store newly-harvested onions. Simply wrap the onion bulbs using a square piece of foil. Do this with all of the onions you want to store and stuff them in the refrigerator. Onions stored this way should last as long as one year.

Storing these bulbs in bins and crates would also work. But you have to make sure to store them loosely. Packing them too tight soften the onions at the bottom because of the weight of the onions on top of it and would make it rot early.

Remember not to wash onions before storing them as this would encourage rotting to set in sooner than expected. Also take note not to store them along with other produce or products that can absorb the onion’s pungent smell.