Onions as a Cure for Hay Fever


There are over-the-counter prescriptions that can relieve the symptoms of hay fever – like antihistamines.  However, this drug causes drowsiness, a side-effect you won’t experience if you use onions instead to cure hay fever.

Yes, onion isn’t used only for food, but also in curing and preventing hay fever.  Onions have natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties which can be beneficial for people who have this condition.

According to Dutch researchers, the compound that fights hay fever is called querticin and it is found in abundance in onion skins.  In fact, onions contain three times more querticin than that of kale and other quertin-rich foods.

To cure hay fever with onions you can extract at least 50ml of juice from this pungent bulb and drink it three times a day for a week.  Results can be seen in as fast as six hours after drinking it.  You can also simply chew onions for immediate relief.

But of course, it doesn’t mean you can eat anything once you have taken onion juice.  It would also help if you refrain from eating foods that causes hay fever such as refined sugar, dairy wheat products and food and drinks that has caffeine.

So once you start feeling the irritating symptoms of hay fever, you can begin taking vitamin c and calcium foods and of course, onion juice.  There’s no need to worry about contra-indications because it has none and no side effects are seen.