Onions and the Common Cold


Far from being life-threatening, the common cold is a minor sickness but still very irritating.  It makes breathing laborious, mucus dripping from your nose and the back of your throat which causes cough.  The larynx or pharynx gets inflamed.  Your head aches.

There’s no need to burden your liver by taking those medicines in the form of pills.  There are many home remedies around – plenty of fluids, rest and onions.

Yes, that pungent bulb often use as spice to add zest to foods can help you get better.  Onions has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the swelling of your larynx.

Medical studies also show that this vegetable can facilitate in melting phlegm and the sulfur compounds contained in onions can stop the biochemical reactions that could possibly lead to asthma.

Moreover, onions boost the immune system which can make you more capable in fighting-off bacteria and viruses.

Do you just peel the onions and chew away?

It could be.  Whether raw or lightly cooked, onions do not lose its nutrients.  But if you are not a fan, you can extract the juice of onions, add a few drops of lemon and a teaspoon of honey to it to improve the taste.  Take it twice a day and you can be sure you will get rid of your cough soon enough.

Consuming onion juice and honey in equal amounts can also relieve sore throat, thins mucus and inhibits its further formation, reduce fever by causing you to sweat, and fight infection.

It is also an excellent measure to take, not just to cure, but to prevent colds.  Slice a few onions and boil them together with milk, oatmeal and a little salt.  It should make a nice morning gruel.    Slice onions placed in a room will also help patients with smallpox as the vegetable will absorb much of the potion in the air.

You can also apply onions topically.  Roasted sliced onions bound on the feet should also help reduce fever.  Inexpensive and wholesome, but a home remedy that totally works!