Onion Varieties


Onions can be oval or round, with different colors ranging in different sizes.  They also have different tastes – from sweet to hot – which can be planted from spring time to autumn.

With these different onion varieties, you need to know what specific qualities you are looking for to making the choosing easier.  Here are some of the most common onion varieties available and their specific characteristics:

Spanish Onions – an onion that is a good alternative if there are no yellow onions around, Spanish onions are bigger and slightly sweeter, too.  They need a long growing season – about 120 up to 130 days – and most gardeners in the northwest area buy this onion variety for spring planting.

Walla-Walla Onions – a mild variety that are sweet with a high water-content.  They don’t as long as other varieties but they have a great taste that is perfect for grilling or when cooked lightly.

Sweet Italian Onions – are red onions that are very sweet which make them very good for hamburgers, salads and other dishes.

Burgundy – is a red-skinned onion with a white flesh that is popular in the south, they have a sweet but mild taste.

Early Yellow Globe – these are onions that mature pretty early compared to other onion varieties – about 100 days from planting.  They also keep very well.

Sweet Sandwich Hybrid – another mild-flavored onion popular in the north, sweet sandwich hybrids have brown skin with a flesh that’s slightly yellow in color.  They keep well but gets milder as you store them longer.

Cippoline Onions – are onions whose bulb range from one to three inches in diameter.  They have a flat oval shape with skin the color of paper bag.  Cipponline onions can add and define the flavor of meats, soups, casseroles and stews.