How to String Onions

Stringing, the most traditional way of storing onions, isn’t all that hard to do – and they work pretty well, too!  Here’s how.

Once you are certain your onions are dry and have ripened, take out all its loose, papery skin.  Trim off the roots and cut the stems down to four inches in length.

Secure a string that’s about five to six feet long.  Fold the string at the middle and fasten the loose ends together by tying a knot.

Form a loop at the lower part of the string and put the neck of the onion in the loop.  To make working easier, you can opt to hang the string on the wall.

Secure the loop by tightening it around the neck of the onion.  There’s no need to tie a second knot for security – the onion’s own weight would be sufficient to hold it in place.

The stem of the second onion must be woven around the string and pushed downwards.  Doing this would lock each onion in place.

Beginning from the third onion until you are done, each onion must be woven to the string in alternately opposite directions.

Don’t tie too many onions though, or the strings might break.  When you’re done, hang the string of onions in a cool, dry place.