How to Plant Onion Sets

Growing onions with sets are definitely easy – not much skill is needed and it definitely lessens the time spent waiting for harvest.

Since starting your onion planting experience with sets are easier than sowing seeds, it’s also the best option for the inexperienced gardener.

The first step in planting onion sets is to choose the best spot in your garden where you will grow them.  It should be where they would receive at least six hours of sunlight a day so they can produce big bulbs.

Once you have decided where to place them, it’s time to prepare the soil.  Take out all visible rocks and debris you can find when you plow the soil.  Till it up to about eight inches deep and the soil has become fine to the touch.

Dress up the soil with well-rotted manure and mix it with the soil well.  This would prevent the onions roots from being burned or damaged.

It’s now time to plant.  Since the soil has become fine, you can easily push in the onion set into the ground easily.  Make sure the bulb has been covered and the set can stand on its own.  Cover the base lightly with soil and firm up the ground using your hands.

Plant each onion set four inches apart if you want to let the bulbs grow to its full size.  Green or bunching onions may be planted closer.

Once you are done, water your newly-planted onion sets with water evenly.  How much you water would depend on the climate you have in your area.  The key is not to let the ground dry up, or get too soggy.

Pull weeds out regularly so your sets won’t have any competition for water and nutrition.  If you don’t the weeds might stunt the growth of your sets and you might end up harvesting more weeds than onions!

To ensure your onions will get maximum nutrients, put water-soluble fertilizer in the soil at least once every month.

You would know it’s time to harvest when the shoots starts to fall over and turn brown.  Pull the onions out and place them in a shaded but well-ventilated area to cure.  This should take only a few days.  Trim the roots and the stems to an inch until their skin becomes dry.