How to Pickle Onions

pickled  onions

Onions are a popular ingredient in any dish, a spice that can add flavor to food.  But they are also delicious on its own, especially when it’s pickled.  It’s one of the favorite foods in the UK during winter festivities.

To make your own simple onion pickles, prepare:

  • Pickling onions, trimmed and peeled
  • Pickling vinegar (malt, cider or wine vinegar with an acidity of fiver percent)
  • Water
  • Salt

Begin by putting the onions in a non-corrosive container.  Then, brine them.  Make sure though, that the ratio of your salt and water is 8 oz of salt for every 4 pt of water.  Cover the onions completely with brine to create a uniform taste.

Some people like to add peppercorns, mustard seeds, coriander, garlic, rosemary or chilies, so if you think you’d like that as well, now is the time to add it.

Cover the container and let the onions sit for 24 hours.  When a day has passed, drain the onions completely and wash them thoroughly in several changes of water and dry them completely.  Any moisture left in the onions might soften the bulbs and dilute the taste.

Transfer the onions in jars and pour cold, pickling vinegar into it.  Seal the jars tightly.  Leave the onions to cure for three months in a cool, dark area.  Don’t open the jars too soon or you’ll end up with weak-tasting pickles.

Pickled onions should last from a year to as long as two years.