How to Make Easy Pickled Onions


Having a jar of pickled onions in the pantry can be quite handy.  They are a great accompaniment to a whole of foods – bread and crackers, fish and chips, cold meats, cheese.

Although there are ready-to-eat jars of pickled onions in fish and chips shops, bars and supermarkets, it would be fun making your own.  Not only can you get to control what goes into the pickle, they are easy to create, too.

All you need to have are:

Two pounds of peeled pickling onions

A pint and a half of malt or pickling vinegar

Two tablespoons of white, black and green peppercorns and coriander seeds (you can also use pre-mixed pickling spices)

When everything is ready, pack a third of the onions into a large jar or several small jars, sprinkling your pickling spices in every layer as you go.  When you are done, pour the vinegar into the jar.  Make sure every onion has been covered by the vinegar.

Cover the jar tightly and store it in a dark and cool area for at least six weeks before tasting.

This non-brining pickled onion recipe should last between six to nine months in an ideal environment.

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