How to Choose the Perfect Onion for Cooking


With so many varieties of onions used in so many dishes, it’s quite a headache to choose which onion variety goes with what particular dish.  What’s more, selecting the perfect onion in the green grocer’s is an added weight to your burden.

There is an onion variety perfect for salads and another for, say, onion rings.  Each type of onion offers a different taste and can either complement or overpower your dish.

Fresh green onions – which include chives, leeks, shallots and scallions – are great as a garnish.  They can be consumed either raw (sliced and dipped in sour cream) or cooked.

Dried onions, which include yellow, white and red globe-shaped onions, have strong flavors that are great with soups, stews and grills.  They are also a perfect accompaniment with hamburgers.

Whatever onion variety you choose, make sure you select only the best of its kind.  When shopping for onions, choose those that are firm and are heavy for their size.  Their skin must be papery, crisp dry and thin.

The onions to pass up would be those with dark, moldy patches, soft and moist.  These are all indications that the onion is beginning to decay.

If you are buying spring onions and other cultivars with green shoots, select those that have lively straight tops.  Wilted or yellowed shoots mean they have been stored too long and are beginning to spoil.