How Often Should Onions be Watered?


Every plant needs water.  But there is a tendency to overwater, especially for the inexperienced gardener. And although the intention was good, the plants get killed.  With onions, how much water does it need to ensure proper growth?

Onions do best in cool conditions – that means aside from the air, the soil must be cool, too.  That can be achieved with moisture.  Onions need sufficient water to grow especially during the germination period and the early stages of their growth.

To give you a clearer idea, onions need about an inch of moisture a week.  That should easily be provided by rain.  However, during dry spells, you can do the watering yourself every three to five days.

Take heed as letting the soil dry out exposes your onion plants to certain dangers.  One, the onion may split into two if you do not water them during bulb formation.

Two, the plants might mature too quickly – too quickly to produce regular-sized bulbs.  So remember, do not let the soil dry out.

In cases where you need to water them yourself, do it early in the morning.  Put mulch to help keep moisture in the soil.

You can also opt to do deep watering once a week instead of light sprinkling everyday.  Water the onions to a depth of six inches a week and it should do fine.

They won’t need as much water once the bulbs begin to ripen.  In fact, during that stage, what they need is reasonable amounts of heat.