Health Benefits of Onions


The onion is called the “king of vegetables” because of its strong, pungent taste.  But more importantly, it is also a ‘king’ when it comes to how much it can give us in terms of health benefits.

Onions have been used as a cure-all since ancient times.  It was used to reduce pain and heal wounds.  Today, people have found more—and still more—medicinal uses for this popular vegetable.

Because onions have a high iron-content, it can be beneficial for people who have anemia.

It is also an excellent source of flavonoids and quercetin, two phyto-chemicals that help Vitamin C strengthen blood vessels, decrease inflammation, lower blood pressure and even inhibit the growth of tumor in the colon.

Onions have chromium, a mineral that helps the body’s cells react to insulin.  This simple translates to this vegetable—or spice—being an excellent help in blood glucose control or diabetes.

Other minerals found in onions include phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, selenium, among others.

What other health benefits can you get out of onions?  The list just goes on and on.

Aside from calcium, onions have been newly identified to have a compound that inhibits bone breakdown – otherwise known as osteoporosis – in women nearing their menopause.

The anti-bacterial properties in onions would also help relieve urinary tract infection.  Simply boil onions in water, sieve, allow to cool before drinking.  This would alleviate the burning sensation when urinating.

Onions also relieve constipation and flatulence, arthritis and gout, cleans the blood, and boost the immune system.  With onions in your food, you know you are doing your part in keeping your body healthy.